We Make Homeownership Less Risky

The Peace of Mind mortgage enhancement product can deliver inexpensive protection and peace of mind for tens of millions of U.S. homeowners by providing a means to reduce the PRIMARY RISK to what is often their MOST VALUABLE ASSETLOSS OF VALUE (equity) in their HOME due to local-market price volatility.

While our focus is homeowners, we serve all the major participants in the residential home finance market by reducing risk and providing tangible benefits – from individuals to lenders, servicers and originators.

This equates to less risk of borrower default (foreclosures), lower origination and servicing costs, increased affordability, the ability to expand loan volume to serve more Americans, and an overall stable home financing market. That’s good for everyone.

Key Benefits of Our Home Diversification Agreement


Declining home value due to local-market price volatility is a major risk that can hit homeowners at any time.

This reduces their net worth and increases their risk of foreclosure and other financial problems.

Our product can address and significantly reduce these risks, by as much as 40-percent, respectively. Additional benefits of note:

  • Inexpensive – average monthly fee of just $19, based on typical $225,000 mortgage.
  • Enhanced Affordability – potential for savings of hundreds monthly utilizing low-down payment without expensive PMI, FHA or a second mortgage, and/or a lower interest rate. (we plan to introduce upon industry approval)
  • Wealth Management – home (largest asset for many) becomes a more stable investment.
  • Mortgage Coverage – mortgage payments will be paid utilizing a homeowner’s positive balance in defined job-loss scenarios.

Beyond the tangible benefits, home diversification will provide homeowners with peace of mind. While hard to measure, the benefits of eliminating anxiety and sleeping well at night are intangible “quality of life” value-adds that homeowners will certainly come to appreciate.


Product can provide a reduction in annual servicing cost (2bps or ~$50) per converted loan. They gain a competitive advantage with serviced customers, who surveys indicate want this product. Same holds true for credit partners.


Will benefit from up to 70-percent reduction in credit losses. GSE’s, such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, will advance their mission of enhancing housing affordability (e.g- reduced interest rate or adding stability to the housing finance system) and be able to better meet their mandate of helping expand the homeownership market they serve.

They gain a competitive advantage with indirect consumer customers, who surveys indicate want this product.


They stand to benefit from a very substantial increase in first-mortgage volume and market share. And, they also gain a competitive advantage with customers, who surveys indicate want this product.