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    The current estimate for the value of your home is , $ from last month.

    Based on your mortgage balance(s), we believe that you have $ in equity in your home. Since you purchased your home on , your local market is %, while nationally home values are %.

    Mortgage, forecast and other calculations use numbers from the left hand side bubble. You can edit those assumptions as you see fit.

    Over the . that you owned your home, .

    How has your local market performed relative to the national real estate market since you purchased your home? The value of your home and the value of your equity in your home are driven by conditions in your local market.

    Historical local and national home price data provided courtesy of

    Flexibility in deciding when YOU want to sell your home is important. The graph below shows times since you purchased your home when a Home Diversification Agreement would have provided flexibility for you to sell on your terms.

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    When do you think you will sell your house? When your kids grow up, when you retire, when you travel the world? Put in a date in the Home Value Estimator to the left and see where your equity position will be.

    Your forecasted home equity, based on an average 3.6% annual home price growth and the mortgage data provided, is $.

    The above graph allows you to see the potential advantage of a Home Diversification Agreement based on an estimate of your market and the national real estate market. The purple line represents how your home might appreciate over time IF your local market appreciates at the same rate as the national market historically. The red and blue lines indicate the estimated low and high values respectively for your local market while the yellow and green lines reflect the low and high values of the more diversified, more stable, national market. This results in lower volatility and more predictability of your home’s value and in turn, the value of your equity. In short, the tighter gap between the green and yellow lines indicate the risk reduction provided by a Home Diversification Agreement. At your forecast end date, this could be worth $ to you at sale. The value (or Net Present Value) of this type of contract is $.

    Equity Data provided by Zillow .com
    What is a HDA? How does it work? What does it mean?
    Key messages:
    Swap risk
    Pay mortgage payment
    Low cost
    Mortgage balance and rate assume 80% loan-to-value ratio and interest rates at time of home purchase. Not accurate anymore? Just update your info and click 'calculate' button to refresh!
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